“What You Should Know About Alabaster Moments”

Alabaster is a precious stone it has been known to contain valuable, resources, provisions, and materials. A moment is a short unspecified amount of time.  A moment is a point in time. Some moments you remember forever.  Imagine you are made of Alabaster where you mold your life into great moments.  Imagine you are made of  Alabaster which gives you the strength, courage to grow and evolve and surrender to the will of life which is more life.  I call the connecting together of the substance alabaster and moments.   I call these moments Alabaster moments.  Approaching life in a spiritual way seeing the spiritual beauty and setting up an environment that is spiritual raising hope and possibilities.

“Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to build a life of special moments.  When we are broken, we can feel damaged. It can feel like we have thrown our entire life away and we cannot see any value. When we are broken, we can feel rejected and spoken of in a negative way.  Broken things are usually thrown away and counted out. In life, there are moments that derail and disorganize the balance in our lives. Memories can bring on different feelings and emotions.

 Alabaster Moments is about changing the fragrance of life.  Reflect back to those wonderful moments that you want to relive.  If you are down and hurting it is your time to set up Alabaster Moments.  Those things that bring so much joy and peace you do not have a care in the world. Where everything is in alignment, flow, synchronicity. These Alabaster Moments bring restoration and joy. In spite of what you been through or is going through.  My first Alabaster Moment was walking in the woods with my Grandmother I would forget about my humble beginnings when walking with my grandmother.  I would look all around to see beautiful flourishing pecans trees that provided a tasty treat, a beautiful flowing river, a positive connection with my grandmother and all the beauty of nature.   Alabaster Moments help to open our eyes to gratitude, contentment and connection.  They give us a feeling that everything is well!  The words Alabaster Moments came to me from spirit! Sharon you have to bring Alabaster Moments to the world people are hurting and keep setting up more moments of hurting.  Tell them how to set up a simple Alabaster Moments.  The picture that I was given was the unnamed woman in the holy book who broke the Alabaster box.  She changes the fragrance of the room. Through her breaking of the box she pressed beyond her painful moments of hurt; criticism and feeling less than talked about in a negative way. She created her Alabaster Moment.  There have been so many experiences I call Alabaster Moments where my actions change the fragrances of the life of people.  Having a spirit to improve and change the fragrance of the lives of others through empowerment, genuine care, concern and commitment and spiritual enlightenment

Brokenness’ can open up our awareness help us to realign with our spirit, put things in perspective and develop self-humility. An arm or leg is often broken to reset for healing, when you break a branch on a tree it comes back so green alive and vibrant. When we take a break, it helps us to recalibrate and have a new beginning. Most children have experienced Alabaster Moments at Christmas most parents’ setup the perfect moment beautiful, wrapped packages arranged under a lighted tree with multicolored lights.  The moment is set in advance and you are eager excited waiting in awe filled with bliss your focus is on happiness and goodness in life.

It is my vision and mission to create Alabaster Moments to transform lives so they can be pass on generations to generations.  I believe this can change the world.  Alabaster Moments help you to come alive and feel immense joy. By building such powerful moments when we think of them it resets our life. Begin to identify your Alabaster Moments and build many more. Living from a place of creating great moments of freedom and healing.  Restoring and reviving the spirit of self and others through positive inspiration, loving compassion and flawless effort. Think back to those wonderful moments that you want to relive

  • Allowing the positive flow in your life
  • Loving your life to the fullest
  • Aligning with the Almighty
  • Believing by Faith
  • Answering a Negative with a Positive
  • Streams of Living Water in the Desert
  • Thinking about how you want your life to evolve
  • Entering into the beautiful bliss
  • Reaching out to  Others