I have provided support to many individuals dealing with a variety of life issues. Many were observed to be out of alignment and their spirit was crushed.  Their spirit was battered, and their life force was going out.  All of their thoughts were negative, and they were perseverating on the negative.  They were surrounded by negative people with negative mindsets and speaking negative words. I have witnessed the importance of restoring a negative spirit through my many years of providing care and service. I would say that it is highly important to act when your spark is going out. It is important to take action to turn the spark into a fire to live with vitality. It is like you are living with the electric cord barely plugged into the outlet. How do you restore your spark?  What are some ways to restore your spark?

  • Sit in silence and listen
  • Listen for any thoughts of instruction that come to your mind
  • Listen to what comes to your mind in terms of feedback
  • What is the connection between your thoughts that you are thinking and the life that you are living?
  • Evaluate the thoughts and the silent feedback that you have received
  • Take simple action steps
  • Focus on one action step per week
  • Track in a Journal your journey and any progress
  • Evaluate how your internal spirit is feeling and evolving
  • Restore your alignment
  • Reflect on the journey and celebrate the restoration

Affirmation: I only think thoughts that nourish me

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