Cleansing Your Life

Sometimes you wake up and feel like life is passing you by.  You feel stuck, uncertain, and unable to move forward.  You notice that everything appears unreal and your life has not evolved.  Your life has been operating by default.  You are just going through each day hoping that everything comes together in your life.   You decide that it is time to let go of worn-out things and hit the Life Refresh Button.  To hit the reset button starts with the right thinking, right relationships, and right environment.    There is a cleansing law of prosperity that calls for you to get rid of what you do not want in order to make room for what you do want. Do things in an orderly way.   In one of my favorite books “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.” It talks about the cleansing laws of prosperity.

Purifying Yourself

The practice of purification before receiving your good is an ancient prosperity secret. The principle involves cleansing your mind of clutter and negative emotions. In forming a vacuum, you allow good things to rush in.  You can begin by clearing out the clutter in your home, car and place of work.

Many people are reluctant to throw out expensive things, even if they are no longer being used, just because they feel they are expensive. But if you want nice, valuable things to enter into your life, you should get rid of what you do not want no matter the perceived value.

 Mrs. Ponder points out that the universe is perfectly ordered, therefore the person who makes their own affairs more orderly is attuned to universal richness. God tends to hold back on generosity in bestowing money or gifts until you have taken steps to make your present affairs orderly.

Three things happen when you make your present affairs orderly:

1) People and situations lose their chaotic nature.

2) Others not right for your development fall or drift out of your life.

3) The people and events necessary for your fulfilment are attracted into your life.


Forgiveness is an important way to cleanse your mind. When you hold resentment, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is very strong.
The practice of forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and be free. You do not lose if you forgive someone. If something is truly yours by ‘divine right’ you can never lose it, and by releasing a person or an emotion you make room to manifest good in ways you could not have imagined.


“I now let go of worn-out things, worn out conditions, and worn out relationships. Divine order is now established and maintained in me and in my world.”

— Catherine Ponder

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