Spiritual Transformation


Imagine a woman who had made choices and mistakes where she was viewed as less than others.  She endured negative put downs, others looked down on her as less than and she was view as awful, unpleasant and was in a dreadful situation.  She was seen in a negative way, she was excluded no one wanted to be around her, or talk to her and she was not invited to join in with others. She had developed a poor reputation, was seen as unclean and unholy and no one wanted to see her coming.  She was unexpected, unwelcome due to her life circumstances.

The steppingstones to her Transformation were:


  • She was HUMBLE
  • She became COURAGEOUS
  • She used her RESILIENCY
  • She held firm to her BELIEFS
  • She was GIVING
  • She remained spiritually CONNECTED
  • She demonstrated GREAT LOVE
  • She created an environment of GREAT FORGIVENESS
  • She was RESTORED!


My approach to Transformation is helping others create Alabaster Moments!

Moments that bring memories of Joy, Peace, Serenity, Safety and Security!

Those Moments that Recharge and Restore Lives!!

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