As part of our journey in life sometimes we feel we do not have the energy, strength, time to complete tasks and keep things moving in a positive way.  We start to align with negative words, beliefs and experiences that we hear from self, others and began to lose our strength.  The negative words that we hear and our negative experiences can hinder our positive flow in life. We start to think, question where we are in life, start to feel alone, friendless, disappointed and not in a good place. Are you in a period of waiting?  Are you unable to move forward?                                                                                                                                          

Be intentional speak positives over your life

Use kind words to yourself and others

Focus on positive experiences

Focus on small victories

Find ways to encourage yourself

Define moments to help you rise up

Embrace your divine self

Seek restoration by making choice to bring delight

Choose moments that nurture your soul   

Find the spark that ignites and revives your life

Build your life with wonderful moments

Focus on life-giving strategies

Allow the good to flow in your life

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