I can remember sitting on the front steps of the house with my mother.

With the rising sun and the smell of coffee that she was drinking.

I can remember my mother doing her facial

Using witch hazel and soothing her skin.

I can remember my mother cooking cornbread on the woodstove.

I can remember walking with my grandmother to get wood for the fireplace.

I remember catching rainwater in a barrel for drinking.

I can remember my grandmother shelling pecans for Christmas.

Placing them in a beautifully wrapped box to give to each grandchild with candy and fruit.

I can remember my mother roasting sweet potatoes in the fireplace.

I can remember a beautiful pecan tree that was life-giving.

Helped us to live more comfortably.

Provided for the necessities of life.

Focus on the moments that bring you, Joy!

Hold those moments inside for inner strength.

To feed the soul

Anchor your life!

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