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Sharon Jones has been in the community support space for over 30 years, helping people recover from trauma and assisting them with their spiritual journey. Many individuals dealing with traumatic events are seen to be out of alignment, their spirit may be battered, and they may feel as if their life force is going out. They need to act and take simple steps to restore their spark to living with vitality.

She encourages the practice of Alabaster Moments each day. A second of peace can be an excellent opportunity to feel at ease, provide alignment, and experience serendipity.

Sharon Jones is thrilled to provide her advisor and coaching services to a limited amount of applicants; this service can include personal and/or virtual meetings where she will communicate life lessons based on life experiences and best practices.

Please send all Advisor inquiries to

Alabaster Moments Spiritual Practice


Professional Writer, Amazon Best Selling Author, and Spiritual Student.


Gifted orator that loves to speak about personal and emotional growth.


Advisor and Personal Success Coaching Services.