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Sharon Jones is best known for providing support as a Licensed Psychotherapist for over 30 years. She recently received her spark as an Amazon #1 Bestselling co-author of International Day of the Girl A Walk in the Life Pandemic Version. She is a beginning author pouring out what she has learned through the years and recognizes as Alabaster Moments to the world. She is authoring this book to increase the world’s sense of healing and restoration of mind, body, and spirit. She talks about Alabaster Moments because it is a precious gem, one of the safest stones to carve, and valuable. She further defines a moment as a short unspecified amount of time or a point in time.
Some people are not feeling their best; their mind is confused, inundated, disorganized broken, feeling defeated in so many ways. They need an anchor, life vest, jumpstart, lifeline to help them see a fresh new awareness, feeling, and experience. There are many moments in life, some derail and disorganize the balance in our lives. Alabaster Moments is about taking the broken pieces to create and mold our lives to greatness. She uses a transformation approach focusing on joining together the concepts of Alabaster plus Moments. Alabaster is a precious gem that can be shaped into marvelous ideas and holds priceless, expensive, cherished, and valuable items.

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Alabaster Moments | Celebrating Moments of Healing and Transformation 

The concept of Alabaster Moments came out of working with people for many years, who were focusing on their bad moments. They had at least experience one good moment, but the bad moments had consumed them for life. When we turn from the bad moments and begin to focus on better moments, we begin to create our life by building great experiences that support our self-confidence, self-esteem, positivity, and ongoing wellbeing.  When we get stuck in the mold, we never empty out our significance, beauty, impact, and gifts to the world.  I believe we have to be intentional by creating Alabaster Moments. The way that I talk about Alabaster Moments is that it is a precious gem.  By setting up Alabaster Moments, I believe we will feel better, we will radiate good positive energy, we will be able to breathe easier and find purpose in our hearts.

I encourage people to see themselves as precious gems.

Alabaster Moments are healthy restorative,  intentional moments where you spend therapeutic time releasing, rejuvenating, relaxing, healing, and renewing.

International Day of the Girl; A Walk in Our Life

I was so blessed to be a part of the contribution effort.

The book titled International Day of the Girl; A Walk in Our Life was one of Amazon’s #1 Bestselling books.

The book is a collection of stories from remarkable women sharing hardship, suffrage & victories to empower girls and inspire women across the globe.


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