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Alabaster Moments | Celebrating Moments of Healing and Transformation 

Acclaimed Author Sharon Jones, LMFT Shares Reflective Poetry in “The Pouring of Alabaster” This collection of poems explores the concept of “Alabaster Moments” – rare and valuable moments of positivity and renewal that can be recreated and sustained.
In “The Pouring of Alabaster,” Jones offers readers a glimpse into her journey of transformation and healing and shares her creative practices to promote wellness and personal change. Through her reflective poetry, Jones invites readers to dig deep into their core and discover the power of positive moments and experiences.

“I believe that everyone has the ability to recreate those rare, valuable, and sustainable moments in their lives,” says Jones. “By reintroducing positivity and moments of renewal, we can reset our minds, bodies, and spirits and create a foundation for growth and transformation.”

A sample poem from “The Pouring of Alabaster” reads:

“I sent intentions,
asking to rain down
the good stuff
Like rain falling
in a season of drought.
So refreshing, uplifting,
and invigorating.
I felt like I had left.
Rejected the old spirit.
It was no longer listening.
Filled with so much
positive renewal.
I received my cleansing.”
“The Pouring of Alabaster” is a must-read for anyone seeking to transform their lives and tap into the power of positive moments. The Book is currently on Amazon with the link below the image.

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