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Sharon Jones is a gifted orator that loves to speak about her experiences with personal and emotional growth. Sharon Jones personal brand of A.L.A.B.A.S.T.E.R.

A.  Allowing the Positive flow in your Life
L.  Loving your life to the Fullest
A . Aligning with the Almighty
B.  Believing by Faith
A.  Answering a Negative with a Positive
S.  Streams of Living Water in the Desert
T.  Thinking about how you want your Life to Evolve
E.  Entering into the Beautiful Bliss
R.  Reaching out to Others

Her speeches and instruction focuses on the promotion of healing and spiritual growth. Attendees are encouraged to highlight the positive experiences, applaud the small victories, and find ways and time to motivate themselves and speak from a place of power and truth.

Please send all speaker inquiries to Alabastermoments@msn.com

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Professional Writer, Amazon Best Selling Author, and Spiritual Student.


Gifted orator that loves to speak about personal and emotional growth.


Advisor and Personal Success Coaching Services.